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From Website Copy to Content Gold: 3 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Home on the Web

Updated: May 22

Your website is more than just an online presence—it's a treasure trove of valuable content waiting to be discovered and repurposed. In this post, we'll explore three powerful ways to repurpose your website content to maximize its impact and reach. Whether you're a busy CEO with limited time or a content creator seeking new ideas, we've got you covered. Let's dive in and unlock the full potential of your website copy!

Home Page:

To start with, your website needs to include your point of difference and answer the question: why now, and why you?

  • You should include who you work with (your ideal client)

  • Include info about your business, and what you do. Outline your key services. 

  • Include some testimonials and photos, or even better, video testimonials!

Now let's repurpose that gold:

  • Create a reel about your point of difference, what makes your brand special?

  • Hit on ‘why now?’ get into the mind of your audience, what are the things they are struggling with daily? Get into their day to do, pretend you are in a room with them, so they think you are reading their mind

  • Use ideas for stories, for posts or create an email to send to your list! 

  • Create some testimonial posts (text with photo or videos have most impact!)

About Page:

We all know your About Page shouldn’t really be all about YOU - it’s an opportunity for you to answer the ‘why you?’ question.

But here's the thing - your About Page also should include your mission/values, touch on your personal story, and some fun personal anecdotes - so your potential client can get to know and connect with the real you!

Now let's repurpose all those gems:

  • Create a carousel - with fun facts about you!

  • Share your personal story, your why - and share in a reel, a carousel or a blog post

  • Create a post that highlight what makes you stand out & showcase you really understand their pain point

  • Create a post or a reel highlighting your brand mission and values 

Bonus tip: All of these above ideas can also be fleshed out further and used in your email nurture sequences !

Services Page:

Your services page needs to outline the VALUE of your offer, and what it actually does for them, not just the benefits and tangible elements. 

We want to touch on the OUTCOME for your client, and what it would feel like if they accomplished their desire through using your services. 


Ways to repurpose:

  • Copy and paste your services and packages into a visually appealing carousel post!! 

  • You can then share the post to your stories and create a ‘Start Here’ Story Highlight

  • Create a FAQ carousel post (frequently asked questions about your services) - this can then be repurposed into a blog!

Are you ready to turn your website into a content goldmine? By repurposing your website copy, you can save time, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and amplify your brand message across multiple platforms.

Whether you're creating reels, sharing personal stories, or highlighting your services, there are endless possibilities to explore. If you're looking for a content repurposing ally to help you navigate this journey, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Lets connect and transform your website into a powerhouse of content creation!- find out more about me here!



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