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Imagine waking up and your business world is operating seamlessly behind the scenes..

Where your first-morning task is to make a cup of your favourite brew, sit down at your desk and focus on your art, your next creative offering, or connecting with your clients.

Picture having a dedicated ally who's not only exceptionally responsive and communicative but also naturally empathetic and supportive. That's the level of care you'll experience with me.

One of my absolute favourite things about working with my clients is the reaction when they realise their business back end is sorted without having to lift a finger. The relief on their faces and the newfound freedom they feel? It's pure magic!!

Ready to get your business streamlined and organised? And, most importantly - are you ready to get 2 - 10 hours back in your week!?

Consistent Support Packages

Behind every incredible leader, there's a dedicated supporter lighting the way.  Need a calming influence and steady support? These monthly retainer packages are designed to bring harmony to ensure your business flows smoothly, without the hustle. Pay per month, no locked-in, yearly contracts! Prices are in $AUD, no GST will be charged.

Casual rates for Virtual Assistant Services start at $65 an hour. 
If these options don't quite hit the sweet spot for you, let's have a chat about cooking up a custom package that's tailor-made to fit your business.


Virtual Assistant Services

10hrs - $600/month
20 hrs -$1,150/month
30hrs - $1,650/month


Just like the phases of the moon, your business needs vary. These VA plans offer CEOs the flexibility and support you need to shine in all your phases.


- Copy and content writing

-Sales copy/sales pages

-Website Updates

- Blog posts

- Email marketing

Admin support: eg. (email, event, client management, customer support, document editing, systems, invoicing)

-YouTube Management

- Includes a 30 min Monthly Strategy Call


OBM Services

10hrs - $1,000/month
20 hrs -$1,900/month
30hrs - $2,800/month

CEOs who need a trusted partner who can manage your operations, serve as your strategic planner, and be a soundboard for your ideas. You need someone who understands your vision and can help turn it into reality.

I will provide honest feedback and guide you towards the best solutions for your business. We'll celebrate your wins and navigate any challenges that come our way.


Strategy, Planning & Systems 

-Developing strategic plans aligned with your vision.

-Streamline operations and increase efficiency.

-Develop systems and processes tailored to your business needs

Project / Events Management

 -Plan, coordinate and execute projects 

-Maintain effective communication channels to keep everyone on track.

-Manage day-to-day tasks, ensuring smooth operation 


Ops Management

-Establish and optimise systems and standard operating procedures

-Utilise automations, integrations, funnels & lead gens to generate leads and drive business growth


 Content Repurposing Packages

from $725/month


For CEOs sitting on a goldmine of existing content and are ready explode their visibility and impact through the magic of content repurposing. For those who wish to broaden the pathways for your content to be discovered across multiple platforms and channels.


(Packages start at repurposing ONE Live, Podcast, Youtube Video or Masterclass per month) I'll rework it into:

-2 Blog posts

- 2 Email newsletters

- 10 Social Media Posts & Captions including a mix of short-form videos, carousels & static posts with engaging captions (all scheduled) 

- Includes 30 min Monthly Strategy Call

If you'd like more than one monthly long-form piece of content repurposed, let's chat about creating a customised package for you


One Off / Project Offerings


Lead Magnet + Integration


30-minute strategy session to brainstorm your lead magnet.


I'll then create your lead magnet in Canva, send to you for approval, then integrate it from your website/landing page to an email marketing platform of your choice!



Email Nurture/Welcome Sequence set up


I'll craft, and automate 6 emails to establish your brand authority and leadership, build trust and connect to your audience on a deeper level, before showcasing your offerings and inviting your subscribers to work with you.

30 minute strategy session included 


Working Together is Simple


Send Your Enquiry

Even if you're not quite sure what you're looking for, drop me a message. Let's begin this chat and see where it takes us!


Discuss and Plan

Let's schedule a call, dive into what makes your business unique, and customise the support you need. It's all about crafting the perfect fit for you!


Secure Your Spot


Select a service plan that’s as flexible as your monthly needs. We start off a trial month (or trial tasks if you prefer), and if it feels aligned to continue together, I'll the send your contractor service agreeement to sign.



Kickstart our journey together with a welcome call, where we will get our get access set up and get into the groove of collaborating together.



Together, we'll sort through your to-do list, find smarter ways to get things done, and set you on a path to soaring productivity!

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