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Content Repurposing for Podcasters Coaches & Service Providers

I'll take the content planning and strategy off your plate. So you can leave your creative windows open and ready to download your next big idea.

Streamlining your digital presence, making your brand shine across all platforms.


I craft sustainable content marketing systems that maximise the value of everysingle. piece. of content you create.


Let me guess, you love your business, but you're feeling stuck in a

cycle of reactive, rather than proactive content creation.

You're feeling burnt out and spending all your time working IN your

business, not ON your business.

You've been searching for a way to create content that brings you

tangible results without gobbling up all your time and creative mojo -

but don't know where to start.

What if I told you, you CAN have a sustainable marketing plan, 

AND that precious white space to work on your next offering or


Picture this: You show up for your community in one spot—maybe a

video, live, or a podcast—and then, a content fairy comes in to 

sprinkle that goodness ALL across the internet!

I'm committed to helping you increase your 

visibility and strengthen your social media presence, by creating

consistent, done-for-you content.

Imagine a world where you have white space back in your day to focus on your next creative offering. Well, that world is just a decision away.

You’re ALREADY creating amazing content…there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! I'll take your bingeworthy content, and work behind the scenes to multiply your content and grow your audience with ease.


I begin by gathering your video or audio content each month —whether it's a podcast, YouTube video, a live session, or any private videos you've got. These will serve as the starting point for repurposing your content!

I'll then sprinkle fairy dust and magically transform them into:

So - How Does It All Work?

SEO Optimised Blogs

I'll begin sprinkling my magic to repurpose your long-form content into captivating blog posts for your audience. Plus, I'll handle the keyword research, ensuring you've got all the essentials to climb those Google ranks!

Email Newsletters

Don't overlook the power of nurturing your email squad! I'll take those value-packed blog posts and send them right to your subscribers—either as summaries or with links directing traffic back to your site. This way, when launch time rolls around, your subscribers will be warmed up and all set to make those purchases

Short Form Video Content

Let's elevate your content game in this video-centric world! I'll extract those impactful soundbites from your videos or podcasts, enabling you to shine on Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts—basically, wherever you want to make your mark

Social Media Posts

Ready to up your visual content game and solidify your brand's authority? I'll extract key segments and craft engaging captions for your preferred social channel to spark interaction and build meaningful connections. Just pass along your Canva templates and your hero piece of content, and we'll dig out the gold nuggets and turn them into eye-catching visuals.

My Point of Difference

Expect a kindred spirit in me – responsive, empathetic, and always ready to support your vision with excellent communication.


I'm your time-saving companion on your path to creativity and profit, and your go-to specialist for:

YouTube Management

I have have extensive experience helping my clients with their YouTube administration tasks! This includes crafting titles and descriptions, organising subtitles, enhancing search visibility through keywords/tags, and creating eye-catching thumbnails. I offer this as one of my key services outside of content repurposing.

Copywriting & Sales Psychology

I've completed an extensive copywriting and sales psychology course with Wordfetti Your Words, so I can better understand your audience's deepest desires. This enables me to tailor your content that resonates with your audience at various stages of the buying cycle and nurture your audience at a strategic level.

Building Strong Connections

I truly value relationships above all else. My top priority is building lasting connections with my clients, taking the time to understand them on a personal level.  Nurturing these relationships  and maintaining open, clear communication is at the heart of what I do!

Don't just take our word for it - 

Here's what my clients have to say:


Kim Swinyard

Founder & CEO of Studio Atelier & Stillwood Retreat

It’s been such a wonderful experience working with Vanessa!

From the get-go, Vanessa has exuded warmth and her easygoing, yet professional nature makes her so lovely to have part of our team.

I was feeling overwhelmed with how much I had on my plate. I tried to juggle many hats at once often dropping the ball. I felt immediately at ease with Vanessa’s friendly and warm demeanor and can-do attitude. Now, I feel calmer, able to spend more time with the family and focus on elements of the business that only I can carry out.


I loved that we shared a similar approach to connecting with our audience through meaningful and intentional messaging. She’s been helping me with repurposing content, from blog posts, website updates to email campaigns (plus more). I am so thankful for Vanessa!

What are the benefits of outsourcing your content repurposing?

1 / More content mileage

Maximise the value of your original content investment by giving it renewed visibility across multiple platforms and channels.


All you need to do is show up, create your piece of art, and leave the rest to me!

2 / Build Stronger Connections

Your voice, is authentically amplified. Through thoughtful repurposing, we'll deepen your connection with your audience, turning followers into loyal fans.


Streamline your content creation process while ensuring your brand remains relevant and engaging in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

3 / Your brand's essence remains authentic 

Since repurposing is based on your original content, your brand voice stays intact! You can leave your worries behind about your originality and authenticity going MIA! 

Moreover, content repurposing enhances your brand's authority and credibility by reinforcing consistent messaging and ideas across various mediums. It reinforces key concepts, making them more accessible to diverse audience segments.

4 /Boosts your SEO efforts

Expanding the range of content formats and consistently publishing blog articles broadens the pathways for users to discover your content.


This approach significantly enhances your website's visibility on search engines.

5 / That feeling of freedom and relief you'll gain, knowing that your content is sorted and scheduled

With your monthly content in safe hands, you'll reclaim your valuable time. Free your schedule for creativity and high-impact tasks. Let me handle the content, so you can focus on what you do best – inspiring and leading.

6 / Effortless Content Strategy

From initial brainstorming to final touches, I'm here to ensure your content not only looks great but aligns perfectly with your brand's mission and values

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